Erin Colleen Ruth. Peeping Tom Cats

Since completing her BFA at Arizona State University in 2008, Arizona native Erin Colleen calls central Florida home. In her second year as a studio artist for Madame Tussaud's Orlando and ninth year as a portrait artist for Walt Disney World Resort, she has long adored animals of all kinds. Upon arrival in the Sunshine Sate, an ongoing cat rescue ensued, and Erin quickly earned the distinguished classification of Crazy Cat Lady. Finding homes for many kitty castaways, Erin herself is owned by seven fairly ferocious and voracious felines. While working in her home studio, there is no shortage of paws and whiskers plunging into paint and peering over canvas. This creative process produces both original paintings and repurposed art; a feline invasion of reclaimed prints and canvases to both intrigue and encourage hilarity. As a whole, this collection immortalizes those moments when your business is your cat's business.

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